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Originally Posted by BeachysLawn View Post
I've never understood why people limit the rewards. If a free cut was what I gave as a reward for a referral, I would cut a customers lawn for free all year long if they referred me 32 new weekly clients. The second and third referral are not worth less than the first one.
I understand what you mean and if someone got me 32 accounts they could have my service for free all year no problems but my biggest problem with customer referrals is:
Existing Customer: Yea this kid is great he does an awesome job!
Potential Customer: How much does he charge?
Existing Customer: Oh he mows blows edges weedwhacks once weekly at my house for $45

Well my problem is the new referred customer wants her 2x the size lawn done for the same money, and when I give my quote (obviously higher) they are like "But you do Joe Blow's lawn for less!!?"

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