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Originally Posted by Smallaxe View Post
What was that about 100% germination from a bag of seed, having to do with the 1/3 loss of every planting??? then everyone switched over to eco-terrorism and global starvation because we can only survive of indigenous plant-life???

I think it was Thomas Jefferson that had the dandelion brought over from Europe for his expansive garden retreat... they claim ALL species of the genus POA comes from Europe, with the latest being poa supina from the alpine mountains... worm track were found fossilized in the walls of the grand canyon so the idea of worms coming from Europe 200 years ago is pure bunk... right now millions of bovine live a healthier more comfortable life than their wild cousins did 200 years ago, though it is definitely shorter...

Anyways what does all of that have to do with providing plant life with its best possible environment which allows it to thrive???
The point is some plants just do not belong in your area just because you can buy then at the local garden center. Some native plants also are only native to particular conditions, Just as Green Dr stated about their native plants often failing in a "landscape".

What does or does not work for you, does not translate to globe.

The earth worms remains found in the grand canyon are likely not great great grand worm of the one in your garden.

Further, you will see different types of plants / animals of similar type but not the same type in different regions of the country.

Many times people get a Pin oak thinking it is a Shumard red oak... they look identical at an early age but do not grow in the same type soils. No amount of cultural practices, ammendments or fertilizers will change this. Sadly, you often find out you bought the wrong tree after it is about 5 years old and suffering.
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