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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
There are a lot of different paver style lights on the market. I would never install any of them myself. Forget about the horrible effect they produce (alien landing strip effect) and just look at the fixture build quality. None of them are designed to stand the test of time. They break, crack, seals fail, sockets and connections fail, lenses yellow, etc.

I would be guiding the client away from this completely. If there is no budget to do the job well / right, then there is no point in doing it poorly. Do you really want your name associated with a poor performing and visually distracting job?

Short term pain for long term pain... its a loose loose proposition.
Yes i know all this, and tried to sway potential client.
This is what he wants. I have bills to pay. End of story.
As for putting my name to it, I will do the best possible job I can do, as usual. I will not guarantee the paver lights for more than 1 year, where my other usual fixtures will be warranted much longer. In the end client will be happy he has what he wants. He will recc. me. I at least talked him out of as many lights he originally wanted, and will stagger the lights both sides of walkways. Around a patio the lights will be spaced at least 10'. He wanted same lights on steps that has 5 landings and also on front door steps, I talked him out of that and steps will get my usual hardscape/step lights. Also talked him into highlighting his address plaque and 2 trees to give some distraction away from paver lights.
All in all even though I dont like paver lights I think it will look good and client will be happy. I am not going to be a prima-donna and say "if you dont do it my way i'm not doing it"
It's his money and as long as I give him a quality installation he will be happy.
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