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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
let me know how you like it. i am looking at them also but it might be march or so before i get one...
Well I normally don't dig up old threads but I'll make an exception because its relevant.

Just bought a Fastpac recently & thought I'd give a brief but honest opinion about it.
They were taking pre-orders serveral weeks ago & knocked the price down a bit so I figured what the hell.
Now this is only MHO but it seems this unit is definitely geared more towards spraying exterior buildings or blanket apps...NOT gingerly spraying gly around beds. The output compared to the Surflo unit is definitely more. Add to that, the wand puts out a rather large cone pattern and you get a TON of drift & bounce....LOTS of bounce
If I had to guess I'd say it'll wet a spot about 2'x2' with your arm at 45* & the pump on one...if that makes any sense. Not something that can be used around annuals or anything delicate. There's simply to much "Kool Aid" coming outta the wand. Then the drops bounce & break into several drops making the pattern very big.
I can't comment yet on the pump simply because I haven't used it enough to say if it'll give me any headaches. I bought the extended warranty though so no worries.
The wand...Hhmmm. Well its brass but the connections I have a problem with. Once the connection from the lance to the handle broke simply putting it away. It seems the connections are a bit brittle. Had to get an entire replacement lance because the connector is glued to the lance....$12 shipping. A week later the threaded part of the tip cracked. Again under light stress from setting it down. That too seemed a tad brittle.
So I cut off the quick connector on the hose & put on a Solo wand with stainless lance. Something I can easily get parts for locally...I think it'll tighten up the spray pattern as well. (I'll know this week)

The optional fg-120 gun that looks similar to a jd9 I bought as well. Thinking I'd use it for blanket apps in shrubs (insecticide, hort oils...whatever)
According to their description it's adjustable "from fine to pencil stream".
Yeah it'll do a stream but "fine" it does not. I described it best to Fastpac as similar to pissing in the wind. They informed me I had to order the $12.xx smaller tip to get a smaller droplet. Nah I'll pass.

Personally I think its a bit on the pricey side for what you get. The spray gun at $45 and the wand at $45 also (I don't at this moment see them on their site) are really high priced if you need a replacement.

The battery I haven't tried running it completely down yet but lasted a full day. I wouldn't expect more than that seeing how the pump works harder than the Surflo (same battery too)

I'll try to remember to revisit this thread after this summer or if the pump craps out on me sooner than expected.
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