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First Gen Tundras?

Looking at picking up a new truck, mostly for personal use. Will only be used to haul a 2.5K trailer a few days a week and haul some debris. I've been seeing some good deals on first gen Tundras, mostly around 2000-2003 year range. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me of some common issues to look for with these trucks? I'd be looking for one with the 4.7 V8.

If I was looking for a dedicated work truck for heavier, every day use I'd go Ford or Chevy or maybe even a newer Tundra, but this will mostly be a daily driver, with a little bit of work thrown in. I'm only doing maintenance part time these days and my trailer isn't very heavy to begin with.

So, just looking for people's experiences with the first gen Tundras in general, not looking for people to tell me to buy something else. Appreciate any good feedback, thanks guys!
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