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Originally Posted by LawnPatrolNY View Post
this part of the post is to greenindustryassociates:

i dont think you read the part that i said "IM JUST STARTING OUT" , and the fact of only having 3 clients as of right now i dont think makes a lot of sense for me to go out and get all the needed paperwork, like i said if it goes good this year and i stick w it next year i will go ahead and do all of those things. right now im using my already owed pickup truck ,my residential 22" push mower my string trimmer and blower, so my cost is very low, basically i just pay for gas, i didnt go out and drop 1000's of $ like people do , im testing the waters to see if this is something i want to do and want to be involved in. i already work 60 hrs a week at an overnight career, and i will not be dropping that either. i understand and respect the fact that people who are in business for lawn care do go out and get the needed paperwork , but for me i think im small enough right now to wait out the paperwork.

as far as bidding $200 plus material... its the 1st job i had to bid on and the guy was looking for a price right there, now i know for future reference to tell the person let me take some measurments and get back to you w a bid or quote... like people said on here.. live n learn if i dont learn from this mistake then theres something wrong .

and i find it funny that i tell ppl first thing that my spelling/grammer isnt good when im just BLOGGING and shooting around ideas/thoughts. but its ok for u to be useing an ipad and have a fat finger and its fine if u make a mistake in spelling/grammer. lol .. well guess wut then, dont use an ipad simple as that

as to everyone else who has posted and not been negative to me thank you very much for your time/support/ideas/advice , bc of some of u i now know how to more properly give a quote or not short myself
I know what your trying to do here however, with the attitude your carrying you will not go anywhere in this business. Your right you only have three yards but as another member stated what happens when you break a window or a door and the 60 dollars you make a week off of your three accounts is lost because it goes to replace a new door??? The other thing is and I know your a newb, your obviously clueless to pricing (which I understand) after years I can still royally **** up a price. However until you get Liscensed, insured, and paying taxes you will never know your true cost. Until you know your true cost you will be working for free at this point it would be better to go and work at burger king (alot less stress trust me). Dont believe me? Thats how this thread was started. I do a good amount of work a year and the one thing you need to understand is time and material is good for 2 situations. The first being a job were you are doing multiple jobs within that job and are on site for a long time. For instance we have a house that I have been there since march 31 of this year. We will be finishing this upcoming week. This is great because this job fills in any spare time in my scheduale. the other time, time and material is good is if you have no clue how to price a job. I usually get per yard of mulch 80-90 dollars ( I aim for that) anything else is extra. Bush trimming, weeding, pruning ex ex. Also if you only have 3 accounts and are only doing a "few" yards of mulch there is no reason to have a helper. I just did a 50 yard job and there were only 3-4 guys on that for a few days.
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