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thank you to everyone who gave me advice, even the ones who non-stop bash me about every little thing. so to clear things up and give an update ...

my pride of work has nothing to do how i type

extra projects that get added on dont scare me , just as long as the homeowner knows " hey this is going to be extra"

cleaning the beds and laying mulch... there was a comment about how long it took me ... yes the beds were a disaster, they were completly overgrown and i had to tear it all out , edge it all up , then lay the mulch... maybe to some it took awhile but i had a time sheet of how long i planned for everything to take when i first started and i was actully ahead of schedule so i was happy

i am no where near most of the people on this site are w my business . my customers are happy and i am as well , i think a little more time in the estimate is well learned here.

i have finished this project and the customer is very very happy, i can see future work for him eventully, just have to make sure like i said to take the time ofr the estimate and plan it out then give the quote, im sure ill be on here asking how much i should charge for something one day .

thanks again everyone
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