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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
I guess you're right...I also taught myself how to work on 2 strokes..and made a few bucks fixin discards from a local mower shop..
We didn't have no internet or cell phones back then...and second opinions were hard to come and Dutch had to make our own pistons from old tuna cans...and rings from box staples...things sure have come a long way...
I would rather have been born with the silverspoon...than the silver ratchet...
Look a all the fun I would have missed...
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Okay, now I'm interested in the "tuna can to ring" concept--but I don't like tuna, would any other can work okay, or does it need the smell of tuna to work correctly???????? Also, I'm guessing this doesn't work on Stihl's since all parts have to be bought from a dealer!!!!
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