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Just thinking here...if you can't afford to pay someone a decent salary + commision. How are you going to pay them once you hire them? And be able to pay their commision & ALL of the expansion that comes with this? More insurance,equipment,labor cost,trucks & materials. Floating all of these new expenses for months until the new clients get you into their system for payments & payments become more structured and on time.

You might get a new client that pays on a 45 day schedule & it takes 30+ days before they even enter you into their payment cycle! Can you afford all that extra operating expenses inbetween PLUS not missing a paycheck + commision + bonuses for your new sales guy?

Nobody in their right mind can come into your company right now and work for peanuts & promises. They want (just throwing this out there) $45,000 + 8% commision + work truck & laptop or IPAD. Lots of promotional materials and a really good 12 month marketing program to keep leads coming in the door year round. With what you already said that you lack organazational skills & what not....a decent sales person is going to see that right off the bat and head for the hills.

Also do you have a system in place that is proven for bidding? without a system you will have no pricing structure for your new sales guy to go off of that is proven that you will net off what he sells. I had a sales guy 5-6 years ago selling for what we "thought" was a good deal for us & the client. We soon found out that we were running our company into the ground. We didn't infact know our own costs.

As Duekster said....a college kid is your best bet. Someone young,dumb & full of.....FUN!
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