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Originally Posted by Doohboy24 View Post
HEy Blake. Just checking to see if you have had any luck? Been on the look out since you posted here. Man I really hope something happens positive for you with this.
Thanks man, I appreciate that.

I got a call on Saturday at 2am from a dc police office to tell me that he found the truck abandoned on the side of a road, recovered it, and had it towed. The steering column is all jacked up, the radio is gone and the back locks were cut. Its safe in a tow yard in northeast DC, but I'm going to have it towed back to a dealership near me to repair the interior and wiring. The bad news is our insurance won't cover damage caused by theft, so I will have to pay for all the tow fees, storage and repairs out of pocket. I'm waiting to hear back from another insurance agent about the equipment(which is what I'm mainly concerned about). I only made two payments so far on the new 36" viking hydro and fs110R trimmer, and when you sign the loan agreement there is a clause that says you agree to pay the loan even if the equipment is stolen. Everything else was paid off, but it just sucks having to make payments on a mower you don't have anymore. I just need to wait to see how much insurance will cover on the equipment.
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