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Site looks good, so aside from a couple of style issues I'll touch on at the end, I'll jump under the hood. I type these out as I wander through the site, so this could meander... lol

One thing that I am always extremely leery of is developers who work with (potentially competing) clients in the same service area. A quick look and I see that your developer also works with another lawn/landscape company in your city and area code. I found this cross-match during one of my usual keyword searches when people ask for input. I personally do not take on competing clients because it can create conflicts and, well, the point is to beat your rivals in the game of search rank, isn't it? Anyway, my own philosophy aside, here's why I point it out:

Your page title:
<title>Farragut Landscaping, Farragut Lawn Care, Oak Ridge Lawn Maintenance, West Knoxville Landscaping, Oak Ridge Landscaping, Mowing, Maintenance,Knoxville, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Farragut, Lawn, Grass</title>

The other guy's page title:
<title>Loyalty Lawn and Landscape, Inc.|Farragut Landscaping|Knoxville Landscaping|Knox Lawn Care</title>

Your targeted keywords:
<meta name="keywords" content= "Farragut landscaping, Farragut lawn care, Oak Ridge maintenance, West Knoxville landscaping, Oak Ridge mowing, Farragut mowing services, West Knox mowing services, mowing services, mowing service, landscaping service, Maryville, Knoxville, Farragut, Oak Ridge, Mowing, Lawn, Landscaping " />

The other guy's targeted keywords:
<Meta Name="keywords" content="knoxville lawn care,farragut lawn care,Knox lawn,farragut lawn,Knoxville lawn,knox landscapes,farragut landscape design,mowing,outdoor design,mulching,aeration,patios">

If it were my lawn company, I would be a bit concerned by this. Only one landscape company can rank #1 on Google for "Farragut Landscaping", so which of the web company's clients is it going to be? Right now, the other guy is ranked 3 AND 4 for the term. You're the last listing on page 1. Obviously this can change, especially if your site is new, but you might have to take care of some of these things on your own.

And this is where it gets interesting, again.

One of the most important tags is the H1 tag, which your site does actually utilize. Typically, these are one per page and acts as a header for the following content. The problem is that, on every one of your pages, your H1 tag is being utilized to promote "Deliccio Classic European Cuisine". I'll have a large pizza, extra mulch, please. This is an easily correctable error, but I hope your designer told you they were using an off-the-rack, albeit customized, template. One thing I don't have a problem with is customizing templates to "make it your own", but I just wanted to point it out if you were not aware. I've seen people get billed 3-4k for a "custom" site that was actually a terrible to begin with, $15 template that still contained a lot of legacy demo code. Anyway, here are the other sites that still have that same H1 tag. A lot of oopsies out there.

- On the top right corner of the page are three small icons. What is the middle one supposed to be, and what is it earmarked for, as it currently has no functionality. When I looked at the other Deliccio sites, I see they either don't do anything or have been removed.

- Since you're going to work with a copywriter, I would just recommend having them flesh out your services page, etc. That's the kind of useful content your potential customers and the search engines will love.

- The main menu refers to "Contacts", but I'm thinking it should probably read "Contact".

- Staying on the contact page, the <div> that holds the phone number and email has the phone number wrapping to two lines.

- And a couple final design points: The sub pages, while utilizing the same page background image as the home page, have a white content section. This is fine, and looks great, but the cut-off shows just enough of the left tree as to make it a bit awkward. That's an easy fix for your developer and will give a nice, blue sky background.

- A favicon would look great so that the browser window tab doesn't just have a plain white box. Your guy can knock that out in two minutes for you.

I spend waaaay too much time on these reviews. lol If you need any pointers, advice, deeper detail, just yell or pm me. Cheers.
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