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It's been an "average" summer. Not like many in the last 10 to 15 years. It's been clouding up earlier and keeping the temp down. Yeah, it's summer and it's sweaty, but we haven't been seeing heat indexes above 110 this year. I think the highest temp we have had has been about 95F. And that was just a couple of days. And the sea breezes are working like they should. The air isn't stagnant all the time. For the most part our temps have been what they show as the average every day. Nighttime temps have been in the average temp range too. You can walk outside most evenings and not feel like you stepped into a convection oven. I've walked out after 9pm and it's been downright comfortable. In turn it takes a little longer to reach 90. Heck, it's nearly 11 am and 80 right now.

This is what I remember most summers being like when I was younger. Average, with 8-10 really hot days. And by really hot, I'm talking north of 93, not 98. It's been more comfortable in June and July than some recent Septembers and Octobers have been. Can't complain about this. And if it turns unusually hot, October is only 11 weeks out.
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