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Too funny!

That's exactly how I was making it work! I had an 85 Toyota pickup with a walk behind mower, weed-eater, and camera, and they had about 2 dozen properties for me to take care of. I have gone "pro" now and can't afford to waste my time and equipment on these properties any longer. They will pay a little more, they were paying $20 per yard, and you could usually get them done in about 30-45 minutes. In the spring when you do the first cuts of the year they pay closer to a normal price, anywhere from $45 up to $175, depending on the size and what needs to be done. All recuts that they pay $15-$20 on need to be done by someone that needs a little work and a little extra money and that's what they count on. Now that I have a full size truck, rider, no zero turn yet, Echo and Husqvarna trimmers, and 3 walk behind mowers doing real yards with GREEN watered grass, my BOTTOM weekly price is $35. Any less is working for free. Going to the MH properties, mowing weeds, and then taking that same mower to a green lawn, doesn't make for happy customers. You need a designated mower for the dirt and weeds you will be mowing. What I don't understand is that all banks and HUD require INSURED contractors working on their properties, and MH does not use insured contractors, they aren't even contractors, they are just "employees" on a W9. They (MH) are decent people though and I don't have anything bad to say about them, but they make their money by finding the guy that NEEDS work desperately. It isn't much different thnn charging a client $55 to mow their yard and you pay the employee $8-$12 out of that. Except that the employee is using YOUR truck and equipment that YOU pay for. It is true they are not looking for pro's, they are looking for someone with a fuel efficient vehicle and a lawn mower. Most REO/PPO companies are looking for desperate people, and they find them, that is why the vendor pricing has got so low. Just my $0.02.
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