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lawn customer who irrigates asks me to skip a week.

So one of my five best lawn customers called me to say could I not mow for a while. I've mowed there lawn every week the last 4 yrs. since they regularly water their lawn. He said to come over today so he could pay me for last week since he was gone. When I went over there to get payed his lawn was growing well and looked to me as though I could mow it today justifiably. I wasn't going to put up much of an argument since he's one of my very best and has been very good to me, even giving me extra money for gas prices without me asking. It does bother me though that he wants me to skip while he's still watering, he said even the watering wasn't doing much good. Is this drought that bad that even customers who water could be mowed every other week. Anyways, I hope that after next week it will cool down and I can go on mowing weekly uncontested through fall.
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