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Originally Posted by BoCutsLawnCare View Post
Last week when I was mowing on my Wright Stander 36" there was a short grinding noise and some smoke then after that the thing still ran but shook violently. I took to to my local repair guy and with little evaluation he said most likely I blew one cylinder and the other is still good which is why it still runs (but poorly). He said that it would be about $1,500 for a new engine plus installation to have it running again. but weary of people in the repair business in general I decided to shop for my own engine on craigslist or ebay etc. so that I can price compare for myself. He told me that it didn't necessarily need to be the same engine it just had to have the same size crankshaft. So basically I was wanting to know....

Is the guy correct on what he is telling me?

Does anyone know of a good source to buy discount engines?

Is anyone knowledgable about what engines would be compatible with my mower?

Does anyone who has gone through this before have any advice they would like to pass along?

I was offered a brand new Kohler 28 efi for $1282.00 which includes shipping from Small Engine Warehouse last week, meaning you may want to check their price to compare.
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