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Take this time and educate yourself on proper watering techniques, I'd be willing to bet you'd be surprised just how many of your "good" customers irrigate improperly.
Not only is it costing them more money but they are wasting a precious resource.
When we first looked into this, we were not just surprised but rather highly so...

A good number water daily, a fair amount during the hottest part of the day, others have faulty heads and leaking pipes.
Many have never balanced their irrigation system, there will be areas bone dry while others are muddy.
Many customers think they need to water more often, when the answer is longer.
Proper irrigation isn't in the frequency, it's in the duration.

I'll give hints:
Three days a week, start around 2am.
And balance it out, you want even watering throughout and overall, more in sunny areas, less in shade.

Get a load of this:
One zone 20 minutes a day seven days a week = 140 minutes
Same zone 30 minutes three days a week = 90 minutes AND it's way better for the lawn.

On a yard that gets daily water, decrease the watering to three days AND increase the timers 150%
So if they had a zone on for 20 minutes make it 30 minutes (150%).
Some controllers have seasonal adjustment % buttons.

Takes time, practice and patience, mostly patience.
The hardest part is getting SOME customers to allow us to fully control their systems.
Some let us have it readily and are almost glad we take care of it for them.
Others are not so easily convinced, and a few are flat out impossible to turn around.

We still have customers who either WILL water during the HOTTEST part of the day or NOT AT ALL!
Kid you not, we try and try to tell them but they either get their wish or they turn it off completely...
Takes time, practice and patience, mostly patience.

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