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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
I do agree with this, don't let it happen more than once.

I am on the fence with this. Good customer, asks you to skip once. I would just do it and move on to next week. If same thing happens next week, then you have a man-to-man and say you can't put up with that stuff when the lawn needs mowing. You get your customers messing with your wallet too much, you are in trouble.

FYI - I have one good customer in a nice home who waters regularly. I could cut that lawn every FIVE days and still take off 1-2 inches of grass per visit. No way I would go every other week on a properly irrigated lawn.
everyone runs there business different but I just do what the clients say unless they purchase my premium service.

after all they are the ones paying me. if they call up and tell me it doesn't need cut (which I prefer over driving out there myself to find it doesn't) I say see ya next week then.

90% of my business is basic mow, trim, edge, blow and go. they are actually required by me to call and cancel so I don't waste a trip out there. either they call or if I go out I either cut it or charge them a fuel charge visit depending on my mood.
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