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Originally Posted by diamondlandscaping View Post
Is this really a question?
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I found this thread via a search for some thing else.

How ever consider this before issuing a refund........ Had you under measured in their favor would you be going back and asking for more money????????????????
Guess what they'd tell you............. along the lines of this >

In my opinion a bid is a bid. "Tear out and replace sod in entire back yard, $xxxx."
If the customer agreed that its in their budget to pay you x for the job and you signed the contract..... whats the problem in making a few extra coins on the job? This makes up for the days when it doesn't work in your favor.

Let me ask another question.......... Customer calls you for estimate for weekly maintenance. You go to the property and tell them you want $60 for the job. They reply that sounds reasonable.
You are expecting it'll take nearly an hour to do.
But on your first mowing you realize its going to take closer to 30 mins.
Do you go back and adjust the price with them after they agreed that the price seemed reasonable to them?


In a case like the thread starter was asking where you feel you may have over priced the job by mistake rather than offering a refund I'd look around the yard and see if there are any bushes or maybe a tree that could be replaced.
Or maybe added to improve the look.
Tell the customer "you want to give them a thank you gift for choosing your company". They'll be tickled and only the most cynical and/or skeptical will give it a second thought as to WHY you are offering such an item.
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