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Originally Posted by MCC LAWN CARE View Post
We have a 4.7 V8. Does well with a trailer but gets bad mileage. But its a great run around truck for going on errands. Getting around 18 highway/town empty and 10 while towing.
Originally Posted by Deori View Post
Hey MCC, thanks for replying. What kind of mileage do you have on it? Any problems with it? I have heard they're a little bit of a gas hog.
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Read above as far as mileage.

Originally Posted by hackitdown View Post
I had an '01 I bought new. Extended cab, 4.7, 4WD. I ran it up to 120K miles. It needed an O2 sensor after warranty, but Toyota paid for it anyway. Nothing else but brakes and tires. Like most Japanese car engines, the timing belt is a required maintenance item, and often the mechanic will want to replace the water pump at the same time.

I really liked mine, I used to pull a single-axle trailer with 1 ZTR loaded. It was a nice setup.
Yep, ours goes through O2 sensors like crazy, seems like they have replaced one several times when at the shop and another one is out and needs replacement.
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