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Originally Posted by calvinslawnservices View Post
I have no problems getting into code and everything, I just have the worst graphic designer eye and can't put together a website that is looks good. I was leaning towards 1&1 mostly because what I have read on here, is this true (in terms of SEO)? I'm to the point where I need to find more work but I don't have the budget to drop thousands on a website.
No need to drop thousands on any typical service business web site. $500-$1,700 is a usual range, depending on what is included.

If you are comfortable with digging in to the code, and as long as the web site builder allows you to customize tags, you'll be fine. In a quick look at 1&1's site builder, it appears you can do so (it looks like a really old copy of microsoft frontpage) by inserting custom code and changing the various seo-driving tags.

From a visual design standpoint, Squarespace blows 1&1 out of the water and is not even a contest. And if you have good photography, Squarespace better utilizes it.

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