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I never did get any after pics of that landscape redo but the client was certainly happy. Black mulch installed, removed all the plants/weeds and transplanted the lillies back into the bed and arranged them nicely. As well as installed a Pink Diamond Hydrangea in place of the tree that was leaning.

Now that things slowed down, I [unfortunately] have time to be on lawnsite (as well as contacting property managers to obtain comm accts).

Attached are the finished pics from the patio from this spring. Some are repeats but I used lawnsite's uploader. Sealed it with a high gloss seal and the client loves it! They watered, watered, & watered the seed we laid down from the skid tearing up (installed black dirt obviously then seeded) and it came in just as thick, if not thicker than the rest of their yard. I don't mow their place but I definitely wish I did. They don't have an irrigation system and their lawn is more lush than some of my lazy & cheap clients that have irri systems.
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