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Originally Posted by Hawkshot99 View Post
Since when did side discharging become mulching? The G6's on my Exmark make some small clippings when discharging, but nothing compares to the true mulching of a mulch kit/blades.

For overall work, Ill take the G6 discharging, but the mulching leaves a better cut/finished look.
That would be ever since Oregon came out with Gator blades for mulching while side discharging. Don't take my word for it that that was what they were designed for, ask Oregon OEP (the rep here on LS).

The OP wasn't asking about anything to do with Exmarks. He was asking about the MOD deck on a Deere and this is what I responded to. As far as my reply to RM (who deosn't need me to tell him about G6's as he has used them longer than I have), I was just clearing up for anyone who reads along here, that G6's are designed to mulch while discharging. RM is welll aware of that. He just left the last part off his post I believe.

I've run G6's since not too long after they came out, and I've been one of their biggest promoters here, but they are far from the best choice with the MOD deck. The OEM highlifts are definately superior in QOC under any and all conditions in northern grasses. The OEM wavy blades are the best choice by a wide margin for cutting while switching between side discharging and mulching. I've done quite a bit of experimenting with all of them this year with my MOD deck, both with the removable baffles installed and removed, and have tried all different combinations with all of them while side discharging and mulching.

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