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HI Steve,

Ok.. to clarify... I use some small wash lights that look like ET's head and they have a socket mounted on the side, so a regular halogen bi pin would go in horizontally, pins on the left... hits the reflector and shines out the lens.

The illumicare rotatable bi pin will fit in this fixture and unlike any LED bipin where the light comes out 360 degrees, this flat wafer style will emit all the light out in one direction laterally.

Now, that's not to say that there's not a need a bipin that has all the light come out the top.. so to speak... the opposite end from the pins. This configuration will work nicely in the wash lights like what Coppermoon puts out. Currently, I use the bipins for those fixtures that have 360 deg light emission. The objection I have to that is that it relies on the reflector which isn't my first choice for getting the most LED light out of a fixture.

By all means, keep me - us posted on anything new that is coming out. I think with this industry, everyone follows the same styles and designs that everyone else does. I think to be innovative, LED makers need to look at the popular fixtures and come up with LED configurations which conform to the fixture / socket position or are adaptable to accomodate.

A good example is the 3 watt single contact LED that Dauer has... hell I put those LED"s in NIghtscaping Soffitliters, Mini Locators, and any other fixture where I want all the light to come out one end only.

Hope that clarified something.. it's late... I'm tired.. but I think I conveyed what I was trying to! :-)


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