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Originally Posted by e171fish View Post
I'm a homeowner and just had an irrigation system installed that uses a Rainbird LXME controller. The system is supplied by a well and the controller only allows up to a 10 minute delay between stations. I need a longer delay to allow the well to recharge.

Without trading controllers, does anyone see a problem if I re-wire the controller using every other station connection port?

Station 1 on the module connected to sprinkler zone 1, station 2 on the module not connected, station 3 on the module connected to sprinkler zone 2, and so on.

I can then use the unconnected stations "run" time for setting whatever "delay" time is needed between stations as it cycles through the program.

I tried it this afternoon and it works, but I'm wondering if there will be any negative effects.

My installer told me that I know more about the controller than he does, so that is the reason for posting in a professional forum.

that doesn't speak very highly of the installer, does it?

how much time are you placing on your ~recharge~ stations?

unless you create a circuit the only thing you have is a hot terminal. if you were daisy chaining the vacant stations you could be asking for trouble back feeding current.
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