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Originally Posted by e171fish View Post
I'm a homeowner and just had an irrigation system installed that uses a Rainbird LXME controller. The system is supplied by a well and the controller only allows up to a 10 minute delay between stations. I need a longer delay to allow the well to recharge.

Without trading controllers, does anyone see a problem if I re-wire the controller using every other station connection port?

Station 1 on the module connected to sprinkler zone 1, station 2 on the module not connected, station 3 on the module connected to sprinkler zone 2, and so on.

I can then use the unconnected stations "run" time for setting whatever "delay" time is needed between stations as it cycles through the program.

I tried it this afternoon and it works, but I'm wondering if there will be any negative effects.

My installer told me that I know more about the controller than he does, so that is the reason for posting in a professional forum.

1) Determine what your well can supply continuously and short term

2) Schedule your run times so they don't exceed that amount by splitting the total zone runtime over multiple start times, allowing for well recharge between the end of the one cycle and the start of the next.

2a) Alternatively you can schedule the cycle and soak for a soak time of up to 60 minutes for each zone. This is essentially the same thing as you would be doing by setting multiple start times, however using cycle and soak is a hair easier as the controller sets up the start times automatically. If the cycle and soak is not enough, then you are stuck with using multiple starts.
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