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DIY Lawn Striper + How I did it

I have always made my stripers from PVC and just dragged them behind my mowers but this one is my best yet...

Build List
2' Section of 3" Pvc
2 3" PVC Endcaps
4 1.5" bolts
6 washers
4 lock nuts
2 18" 1" flat steel
5/16" drill bit

First drill 1 hole dead center in both of the end caps

Drill two holes at each of of the flat steel.

Thread bolt and washer through the steel onto the mowers frame

Bolt the end caps to the other end with 1 washer on either side of the steel

Cut your PVC to fit in between the end caps

Glue 1 end to the PVC

Fill it with sand from the other side.

The glue the other side to its end cap and you are done

This doesnt rut the grass at all my john deere isnt a zero turn so this just swings behind it.

I made it short enough so that if I put a sulky on it there would be no interferance

While driving on pavement just bunjee it up or you could use a different method of holding it up.

What do you think? Mowing on sat so I can post pics of how it works. My yard is crap and stripes dont show very well

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