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m h landscaping a total joke dont work for them

i just started my lawn sevice and am trying to work for them. the person in my state is horrible and i have to fight to get gas or milage and they expect me to go to an address that costs me $26 in gas to go there and home for a $10 trip charge because the property needs to be bulldozed and the yard is impossible to mow with out heavy equipment. they get mad at me for not wanting to drive there.... go figure. i bet if the roles were reversed they would not want to go either. its only been about 3 months and the invoices are always off by close to $200 every check. the rep i have to deal with tells you sure i will give you that for that job and conviently forgets she said that. once i get more steady work for myself i am so done getting ripped off from them. i have been trying to save up for insurance but cant make enough to get it yet especially when they screw you out of money all the time.
there is another company based in ohio the pays a more realistic price for lawns but i need to get insurance first. $15 for 15,000 sq ft is crap and not enough.

does anyone know a good cheap insurance company that i can get 1,000,000 in liability insurance at a low price and make payments on it in wisconsin area?
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