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Thanks for the replies.

A little background...

The system was installed a few months ago. It consists of 19 zones, 11 for the front yard and 8 for the back yard.

The well is 290ft deep and provides approximately 12gpm at 60psi from the spigot with the pump running. Unfortunately I don't know any other specifics regarding the well. I also don't know the pressure at the heads, but it seems to be very strong.

Zones 1-3 are spray heads for landscaping beds and the remaining zones consist of three RB 5000's per zone with 4gpm nozzles.

The front yard is setup as Program A , which is zones 1-4, and Program B, which is zones 5-11. Zones 1 and 2 run for 20 minutes, zone 3 and 4 for 30, and zones 5-9 run for 35 minutes each. Zones 10/11 are not used. Total run time is 3.75 hours on Mon, Wed, and Fri.

The back yard is setup as Program C, which is zones 12-16, and Program D, which is zones 17-19. Zones 12-16 run for 35 minutes, zone 19 runs for 15 minutes. Zones 18/19 are not used. Total run time is 3.16 hours on Tue, Thur, and Sat.

After installation, I discovered that the well was cycling on and off every few minutes because the well was providing more water than the irrigation system was using.

I ended up setting zones 1 and 2 to run simultaneously, and the same with 3 and 4 using the simulstations setting on the controller. I changed the nozzles in all of the remaining rotor zones from 3 to 4gpm. The well pump now runs consistently for the duration of the irrigation program.

Most mornings after irrigating, our household water is a little yellowish in color for a short period of time. The well company believes the well is drawing down to far after irrigating for 3-4 hours and introducing sediment. Thus the need for a delay between stations to allow the well to recharge.

The yard is surviving with 35 minutes per zone but I think it needs to be increased. Increasing the run time without being able to set a delay will only cause more water issues.

Ideally I'd like to run the rotor zones for one hour with a one hour delay.

I tried the cycle and soak program today, but when one zone is “soaking” the controller advances to the next zone and irrigates. It then returns to the previous zone, finishes the irrigation, and then moves forward again. The system is calling for water the entire time.

The Hunter ACC controller appears to do what I need but I really don't want to spend an additional $700+ if I can find a solution with my current controller.

If I did not have to run zones 1 / 2 and 3 /4 simultaneously to prevent the well from cycling, there seem to be a lot of less expensive controllers available that will allow the delay between stations that may solve my problem.

Zone 1 uses 6 sprays and approximately 7.36gpm. Zone 2 uses 5 sprays and approximately 6.98gpm. If ran independently the well pump cycles, so I combined them to prevent that from occurring. Similar situation with zones 3 and 4.

I guess I could add more heads to each of those zones to use more water and prevent the well cycling. I could then use most any controller.

I'll try multiple start times and/or rearranging programs and see if I can find something that works before I re-wire the controller using every other connection port.

Thanks to anyone who is still reading.
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