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find out what is the precise delivery of the well - how many gpm at what pressures - make a chart, and forget what your pressure switch is set for - chart the well/pump performance to 70 psi at the tank, and maybe higher if the pressure switch will allow

you will forget about combining zones - you will run one zone at a time, and nozzle the heads in those zones to match the well performance - this is what was done in olden days, and you can do it today, even if the balance (balance means there is no cycling) between well and zone is met at a pump output beyond 70 psi, because modern pressure tanks are rated at 100 psi or greater - sometimes, you have to replace the pressure switch with a heftier model with a higher range of cutoff pressures - it's an effort, but worth it

but there is a shortcut

there are a family of devices that can retrofit to a well install, upstream of a pressure tank, that takes away all the hard work involved in balancing a system to a well - one such device is named Cycle-Stop Valve - you dial up your desired output pressure (a number below the cutoff on your pressure switch) and the device maintains that outlet pressure that makes your sprinklers work, and the pump operates continuously the entire time the zone is on
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