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i saw one a couple years ago and cant get a picture because the company shut down but i will do my best to describe it they built up about 5 foot and over the toung but around here you can get away with a lot of things that in the city the dot would be jumping on the truck saying NO and the company that did this i talked to the owner when we were in the same truck stop and he said he hated it because he had to crawl up under it to jack it down they eventualy started using a car jack because it was a pain and the had to watch while turing there was a rumor around town that they wercked the truck and trailer in a ditch and did both in but thats still a rumer that stuff spreads fast around here and is not always true
you learn by experence at 15 i have little so i sit and listen and cant wait till im able to be the one talking and other people listing to me
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