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Check with an insurance broker in your area. I called my area broker and they got me a million for $500/year. They break it into 12 payments so it is very affordable. $500 deductible. They set me up with Liberty Northwest.

Place a free ad on Craigslist in the Farm and Garden section of the Services section. Make it look professional, and the calls will come. The most important thing I have learned it to ANSWER THE PHONE when people call. If you don't answer they go to the next number until they talk to someone. Every call I have answered I have got the contract. You will get some knuckleheads on Craigslist that want to go as cheap as they can get, but stick to your price point and don't work for less. We don't drop our mowers for less than $35. I bid so that we are making around $45/hour. Don't tell the customer that is how you are charging, just figure how long you think you will be there and quote at what you want to get paid. They don't want to hear your hourly charge. If you tell them and then finish 15 minutes early then they will want to pay less. I ended up placing an ad on Google AdWords and I only pay when people search for my type of business and click on my ad. I pay about $6.00 per click, but that click turns into $140+ a month contract nearly everytime.

This is way off track from the MH question, hope it helps though.
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