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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Career success is what makes us fortunate to be able to enjoy "free time".
I totally agree with this, if I/you dont cover your cost you don't make a profit. What I was getting at was you cover your cost, but at some point it becomes more profitable to generalize some (keyword some) of your cost.

For instance DVS are you charging more for your quarry rock right now?? (not sure where you are located) here in the midwest we are in a bad drought right now... Bad drought means the quarry is watering the piss out of rock to keep the dust down, essientally you are paying for water... Are you factoring in that cost??

How about employee weight and extra water your guys take to the jobsite in this heat, cost more in gas for more weight. Are you factoring in that cost??

No probably not, and I too could give you examples all afternoon of cost that you more then likely do not have a "line item" for.

Back to the original topic. Yes we most definetly factor in cost for diamond blades, but how you cost it into a job can only be determined by you the business owner. Some go to the nats A** and others like us have found it best to average our cost of liner ft cut per month by the amount of diamond blades we go through per month.
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