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Tony, I don't think you fully understand how it is setup since you haven't actually liked my page to see it. It is not hidden like facebook's rules and regs are. You CANNOT enter or even view the form unless you like the page. There is no other way to enter or get around it. It is a marketing benefit for me so I can have constant communication with potential customers. "Fan-Gating" or liking to enter is the only incentive I have to give away free services. Without that, there wouldn't be much gain from this promotion. There is no need to see the terms and conditions until you are actually going to enter. For example, do you see the "vomit comet's" ride-specific rules in the parking lot of the amusement park before you even enter the amusement park. No, they wait until you are in line for that ride and then they give you the ride-specific rules. Same principle. If you look at my form, it is built in to the actual form where you have to type in your contact info. It is NOT linked to another page. The participant have to check a checkbox that says they have read and understand the terms and conditions. Whether they read it or not, that is out of my control but I made it very easy for them. Please like my page and view the form for more clarification.

I'm not meaning to beat you up because I value your opinions on a lot of other threads on this site and you are a very knowledgeable person. I just want you to see where I am coming from.
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