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Originally Posted by kirkmbrown2001 View Post
I'm not meaning to beat you up
That didn't beat me up in any way, so no worries. It's complicated, somewhat obfuscated language and definitely worth a discussion, interpretations or otherwise.

I see where you are coming from, but what I am referring to specifically comes down to this banner's wording ("Like us" to enter our sweepstakes). I don't believe it would pass the FB smell test as it falls outside of their promotions and contest guidelines. I think you're confusing their guidelines where they say you can use the "Like" as a condition of entry, but you cannot use it as the entry. As you know and I know, you're not using it as the entry, but your wording indicates otherwise. Basically, change it to "Like us to find out how..." or whatever, but it can't be the mechanism, which even though you are using an app for the entry, it reads as the mechanism.

All of that said, do I think you'd pop up on their radar for this? I doubt it. But, as Greg pointed out, it just takes a competitor to be a pain in your rear. lol

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