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re: Gravely Pro-24 HWSP

I posted a few months back about the Gravely Pro-24 HWSP. I've since had a chance to use it over these last couple of months and I must say I'm even less impressed now over it.

I said in my previous post that it does what it's advertised to do. That is, it's touted as a weed and grass mower. I can cut weeds and grass but not much better than the $199 consumer mower that I now use and prefer over the Gravely. I paid $1,260 (including tax) for the heavy for nothing Gravely and yet it doesn't work any better or isn't any more efficient than a $199 mower.

I urge small operators such as myself to not buy this machine because it is not worth the price and in fact is a needless headache in maintenance and upkeep.

This machine serves no practical use, or has no practical advantage over any generic $199 mower. What were the engineers thinking when they designed this machine?!
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