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Originally Posted by Big C View Post
Was just about to take advantage of this rain and get some "weight on ass time" until my phone was one of my tenants having a problem at one of my rent houses....oh well so much for stitting on my ass during the rain
Thats what I said today then it kinda cleared and I told my helper time to roll and then when I pulled thhe plug and got to my place and had a few it was like jesus parted the red sea over my place and I was like really I couldent finish the 4 places i had to do and now on sunday i got 22 to

Originally Posted by A.T.T. View Post
How the flip do you southern guys get any work done when it rains every damn day!?
When I was in fla very carefully before 4 and after 5 was

Originally Posted by Blades Lawn Maintenance View Post
Very very carefully lol... Nah most of my accounts know if it rains I'm not coming and I do it when every its not raining. My accounts are pretty understanding when it comes to rain...
U hit the nail on the head lol

Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Lots of beer, a camo raincoat, and a set of pontoons on the mower.
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I might need to try this cuz if it works there will be nooooo days off for my guys!!!!
Too many Weekly Accounts to handle
Not enough Bi-Weekly Accounts to ease up the work every week
Been in business no time at all!

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