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OK finally demoed the dodge and it's ... suprisingly good.

Ride quality is very smooth and stable. I don't think it would tow as good as the ford, chassis wise it just seem to flex a tad in the corner, though being unloaded I couldn't give it a real test.

Economy wasn't that bad, again for the short distance and unloaded I can't really say but got 15 mpg fat the test which isn't that bad for a V8, apparently there's a V6 available on some gutted models, albeit only a 4-speed, I may look into those.

The biggest surprise is just how quiet this truck is, at 50 mph road noise is hardly audible, one could really get use to that. The "Ram-box" is a very nice feature, I definitively want one of these.

Biggest complaint would be fit and finish, the SLT tested felt kinda cheap with the lower trims even worse, I guess you get what you pay for.

To summarize quite a decent truck, any feedback on long-term reliability would be very appreciated.
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