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Originally Posted by CraigPLC View Post
LOL... well, I started cutting lawns at the age of 8, charging $1 in 1966. Gas was $0.23 a gallon, a 16-oz Pepsi was $0.12, you got 5 pretzel rods for a penny, or 3 pcs of bubble yum for a penny. A movie ticket was $0.25 as was bowling per game or 5-games for a buck, and you could buy a sack of 10 hamburgers for a buck. So making $5 a week cutting lawns was a big deal.

When I was 14 I got my working papers, started working with Moony Landscaping laying sod, planting bushes and trees, creating landscaping beds, and cutting lawns. Worked in landscaping until I was out of school and scored my first manager job. Then for 28-years I was an advid home gardener, doing mine and some of my neighbors property, and now at 53 I started my own company. So... 45/years... LOL... it was more fun when I was 8... LOL
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Gas for .25 Gal ?? That would be great!
Originally Posted by MR-G View Post
started full time on my own in 1987....its been quite an adventure (with no real regrets) have raised 2 great kids...still married to my first wife, and own my 47 im still working alongside my guys in the field (my choice) as im affraid if i stop working ill fall

Same way, gotta stay busy.
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