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Okay, I am a newb to this side of things but have been reading a lot on here lately. At first I thought it was a service that only the elite wealthy would buy but now I think I'll give it a shot. It's true that no one wants to bother buying cords, lights, ladder and then trying to fix them all the time when they go out. I have a couple customers that I have hung THEIR lights for them in past years but I thing supplying my own would sell even better. I just joined up as an affiliate with a supply company and really looking forward to getting my feet wet this first season. The other good thing, is that our coverage area for this service could actually expand quite a ways further than our maintenance customers. I'm not expecting to make a killing, just hope to help cover costs and keep a few of my guys on longer into the winter time instead of having to lay them off after the fall. We will see.....good luck folks this year!
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