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Originally Posted by Birchwood View Post
What kind of volume are you doing?
Probably not nearly as much as a dedicated hardscaping company. But I do enough.

But I do a lot of stone cutting through the season, either on natural stone work, brick edging, a random patio or retaining wall, etc.... There has been a few instances, such as a custom fire pit made from natural stone where I spent half a day cutting blocks for it and the hand saw worked just fine.

I just been using cheap electric saws. Been through two maybe three 30 dollar saws in the past 7 years. Along with the 10-15 dollar diamond blades that you can buy for them. 90% of the time it gets the job done as the blades are just deep enough to get through a paver.

I also like a hand saw over a chop saw as I get far better control on my cuts.

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