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Originally Posted by zechstoker View Post
I would've liked to have kept him on as he was a hard worker with a strong work ethic, but honestly... I don't think he was happy with the job. Right off the bat, he was disappointed that he wouldn't be doing install jobs because that's the kind of work he really enjoys. As a company, we do virtually no installation work. Just maintenance, weed control, fertilizing, light tree work, and cleanups. Aside from that let-down, he always complained about the heat, and also said he doesn't like to work outside when it's freezing outside. Considering this was his first legitimate job, I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he signed on. When he accepted this other job, I think higher pay was just the "cherry on top".
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"Likes doing installs, but doesn't like heat and cold"? Perfect if your landscaping the inside of shopping malls and hotels.
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