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Originally Posted by blakeaf96 View Post
I have a Hustler 54" Sport Zero Turn Mower that I bought about 2 years ago. I've experienced this problem several times this year and last year as well.

This is what's happening... When cutting my yard's ditch at the road (which is not steep at all.. maybe a 25% bank), I will have the handlebars extended as normal to keep a straight line, and then the lawn mower will start whining really, really bad (sounds like a massive strain on the belt or something), and I have to pull back on one of the handles to stop the noise, which slows the lawn mower down a lot. Well, it keeps doing it until I end up with the handle bars back to regular position, in which the lawn mower has come to a complete stop.

Then, if I climb back out of the bank onto flat land, and extend both handlebars, the mower does not go straight at all. It bares off to the right. Then, if I turn the mower off for a little bit or something, it will fix itself and then I can resume and it's fine, but it will happen again. What in the world is causing this? It's so frustrating!!!
You are really stressing those hydro's out, the unit is not designed to be cutting a 25% bank.
Max slope is 15%.
the whining your hearing is the oil in the unit.
They are overheating.

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