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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Our stone mason uses a hand saw. Really and truly is more productive. He can sit right where he is working and cut.

So many ways to do things. You can not be old and set in your ways like Zedo. Gotta have an open mind.
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My mind is always open and one thing I learned a long time ago Andrew is you get what you pay for. Cheap blades = longer cutting, more changing. Its just a fact, I chuckle when people think they are getting a deal.

These guys are all the same, they buy cheap blades, they buy cheap fuel, they buy cheap cars, trucks, no name label food, cheap jeans, shoes etc. And as this thread has proven... they still think they are better off doing it, they've completely convinced themselves that they are saving money. You're only fooling yourself not this "oldtimer"
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