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Originally Posted by AztlanLC View Post
Hand saws? really have u ever used a demo saw?
Do u have any idea how much lonrger it takes to cut a paver one vs the other?
Yep, I rent a chop saw whenever I need to, and that has been three times in 7 years.

Until the day comes where I need to use a demo saw on a regular basis, and the time saving to go rent one, versus having one on hand comes into play, then I'll drop the coin and get one.

The way I look at it, in 7 years I'm still 500-700 bucks short of having to justify buying a demo saw.

Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
Our stone mason uses a hand saw. Really and truly is more productive. He can sit right where he is working and cut.
And that's how I feel. I'm at least as productive or a shade under with a hand saw over a demo saw.

But, I will agree, to all you guys doing high volume paver work, A demo saw is probably the way to go.

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