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Originally Posted by Hansen's Lawn Care View Post
How do you guys sell hanging Christmas lights/decorations for customers? I'm in the Twin Cities, MN, and I am considering adding this service to my customers this winter season.

Do you price it by man hour + difficulty? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
I hate to say this, but read thru this forum, there are different ways to do this, selling vs. renting plus much more. I dont know any "real" decorating company that provides anything by the hour. We rent our material but I prefer to sell it as an all inclusive decorating service. Others on here sell, but they also give price per item or price per job similar to how we price our service.

Originally Posted by BeachysLawn View Post
Yes, I certainly have Christmas lights on my mind. This is our third season and I'm probably driving my wife about crazy by now just talking about it but I'm going out to Omaha this week for the convention and am super excited. Maybe I'll see some of you guys out there?
Cant make it this year, wish I could. Next year....good luck this year..
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