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Originally Posted by joes169 View Post
As a concrete & masonry contractor with at least 7 saws running on a regular basis, I certainly lean towards the higher quality, material specific blades in the $2-300 range. If you take the time to become educated on how the blades are put together, how the bonding is specified for every use, and the type of diamonds being used on the blade, you might be surprised at the difference. I'm not saying that every $200 blade is better than its' $60 equivalent, but there's no doubt that a $200 blade from a top notch producer is a better value.........

And yes I've tried the "cheapo" blades in the past and have gotten burned........
Can I ask what brands do u use, I know there has to be a good blade out there that cuts faster and last longer like when I tried the hilti the first time.
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