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Originally Posted by charmill26 View Post
I have never had a contract with any of my customers. Taking their word has always been good enough for me that i've never thought about it. My customers over time have changed into only weekly accounts. There's nothing wrong with on call or one time cuts if you have the time for it. Overall though they are at the end of the list. If someone comes up to me and wants it one time I will do it. But I won't do it right then and there when they want it. THe people that pay my bills come first. If its a new customer that wants it regularly then yes I will squeeze them in that day
My policy on one time cuts is to be paid up front. I got burned one time and thats all it took to come up with a policy.

If I can cut it right away I will if not I give a time when I can but always with money in hand.
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