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Originally Posted by DZR View Post
Hello everyone. This is my first post.

I have the Pro Turn 460 and love it. Thanks to everyone for all of the great information in this forum.

While checking the mower over the weekend I noticed that the rubber seat isolators were damaged. I did a quick search on the part number (p/n 07500213) and I found a service letter from Ariens/Gravely that describes the issue and a recommendation for the correct adjustment for the seat retainer threaded washer.

I thought this might be worth checking out - see the link below.
Great info! Mine was originally set up too loose from factory and I have some pretty rough properties. When talking to my rep he recommended tightening them to take some of the slap out of the seat that can snowball if the property is rough enough. This also helps the seat to lean less when side hilling on steep slopes (20 degree)
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