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Does Anbody NOT Have Employee Issues?

Im still a small company but this have been working extremely hard on presenting ourselves as a large company in hopes to grow. So far it has been working. I have $50k in landscaping that needs to be done by the end of August and one of those 3 jobs may result in another commercial complex for us to maintain on a 12 month basis.

The problem is this, I sign a 25k contract yesterday that we are supposed to start tomorrow and what do I get? my main guy goes home sick today. I only have two guys and the other guy has no license. Even if he did, he doesn't know enough to run a crew. So now they have to spend half a day finishing up mowing and the job gets started late. What makes this irritating, is that I just gave him a raise yesterday because I thought he was doing a good job. Now I really don't want to give it to him.

I know people cant control when they get sick but holy ****, what do I have to do to find a decent guy that can make it to work every day? not argue with me about his job? things like that. Just gets old.
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