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Originally Posted by CleanCut1 View Post
I've been anxiously awaiting the decorating season since the lights came down last year. I learned a lot in my first season and look forward to a great second season with more efficiency and, hopefully, not so many mistakes.

Right now I'm working on a letter for my existing customers with some discounts for early installs and friend referrals.

I'm also looking for some top quality greenery that comes in pure white LED. The Mixed Noble from Holidynamics is awesome, but it's only available in classic white. Any ideas?
The pure white is either a love it or hate it item around here. more hates than likes.....I dont have any ideas for you at this stage of the year with the pure white, I think Holidynamics is the only carrier that has that particular color especially if you want it on the greenery. I know it wont help this year, but I am sure Mike can get it special ordered for you if you do the early order program. We actually ordered some classic white items that they only stock in pure white.....

Are you sure it doesnt come in pure white? I swear I have some sticks of pure white MN garland still in the box in the much are you looking for?
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